Background of GEOSET

The Global Educational Outreach in Science, Engineering, and Technology (GEOSET) initiative was founded in 2006 by Nobel laureate Sir Harold Kroto to serve as a repository of educational science videos. Kroto believed passionately in the dissemination of complex scientific ideas through accessible means. GEOSET was a means to accomplish this, communicating scientific information to a range of students in primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions.

Instructors from all over the world would be able to access the free, educational content and share it directly with their students.

Founding of GEOSET Studio

GEOSET Studio was founded in 2014 by Harold Kroto. The studio was opened by Bill Nye (the Science Guy) to support the educators and researchers of the FSU community. Recording lectures, developing application videos, or documenting their scientific research were some of the myriad services individuals could use.

Direction under Steve Acquah

A former student and longtime colleague of Harold Kroto, Dr. Steve Acquah carried on the torch that Kroto lit. Under his tenure, GEOSET Studio led workshops to engage K-12 students in the Tallahassee community, partnered with Starbucks to increase student engagement on campus, and initiated the GEOSET Awards for excellence in scientific communication.

GEOSET Studio also provided training and instructional support for researchers at FSU. Patrons could make use of the large studio recording space and media editing bay.

Expanded Media Services

From 2018-2021, GEOSET Studio increased its media services offerings. With video project consultation and training services for students, staff, and faculty, GEOSET Studio served as the epicenter for scientific video communication within the greater FSU community. GEOSET Studio also began providing streaming services and event recording for FSU campus partners. During this time, staff presence increased to keep up with greater demand and growing services.

A knowledge base was created to bridge the gap between researcher's technical expertise and knowledge of video communication software. In addition, GEOSET Studio led workshops on video production and collaborated with subject experts at FSU to promote video services.


After a hiatus in late 2021, GEOSET is fully functional once more. We offer media consultation, video production software training, a professional recording studio, and even more services.