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These are some of the services that GEOSET Studios offers.

Educational Videos

Making sure credible knowledge and education are free and engaging is our number one priority. Use our equipment to teach.

Digital Portfolios

Everyone's got a resume. Set yourself apart and create a video portfolio that sells you in a way no piece of paper can.

Live Broadcasting

GEOSET Studios broadcasting connection is FAST,we'll help you if you need to be in two places at once.

Music Demos

A soundproof room and a 22 channel mixer means the whole ensemble can plug in and record.

Off-Site Recording

GEOSET Studios is prepared to leave the safety of the library and explore the world with tons of portable equipment.


GEOSET Studios dynamically captures PowerPoint and speakers quickly and easily in one video presentation.

Video Hosting

Host your videos directly from GEOSET Studio's credible media server, there's no need to worry about small upload limits.

Lecture Capture

Don't let your great lectures get lost in time. Together, let's build an extensive archive.

URL Link of Presentation for your CV

A free short-link means grad schools and employers will have quick and easy access to your online content.

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