GEOSET Studio is a Florida State University program specializing in the advancement of scholarly outreach in science, engineering, and technology. Our mission is twofold: promoting FSU research to students, faculty, & the general public; and equipping researchers with the skills needed to communicate their discoveries through digital media.


GEOSET Studio will become a leading force in scientific outreach and communication at Florida State University and throughout the nation. Through student outreach and support for graduate and faculty researchers, GEOSET will help develop a new generation of scholars who disseminate and promote scientific research to a global audience.


  • Make academic research more accessible to people globally.
  • Promote research efforts at Florida State University.
  • Promote the integration of digital media outreach into academic research.
  • Improve media production of FSU faculty, staff, and students through instructional guides and training.
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the sciences.
  • Promote open access to scholarly research and use of open-source programs.
  • Facilitate inter-departmental communication and teamwork at FSU.