The GEOSET Awards

The GEOSET Awards for Excellence in Scholarly Communication are awarded annually to researchers who demonstrate a commitment to scholarly research and the communicating of their findings.


Applications for the GEOSET Award will go live in November 2022. More details will be added as the date approaches.


All FSU students, staff, and faculty are eligible to apply for the award, provided they have conducted scholarly research during the 2022 calendar year and have communicated that research through digital means (web, video, etc.). We are especially interested in work that has an impact on or implications for the surrounding community.

Application Materials

The application will consist of:

  1. A well-written, one-page document detailing your research in accessible language
  2. A sample of your communication method, e.g. the first video of a series (we may ask to see more of your work)
  3. Two academic references who can speak to the rigor and impact of your research.

Not sure how to get 1 and 2? Make a consultation with us, and we'll help you bring your research to life.

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