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The Florida State University
GEOSET Studios
<p class='flashheadline'>Buckyball Workshops</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Diego Forlan & Harold Kroto</p><p><a href='/News/Buckyball-Workshop' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Christina Armhein & Richard Rogers Selected for the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting 2014</p><p class='flashsubtitle'></p><p><a href='/News/Lindau' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Sir Ian McKellan Masterclass</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>GEOSET Visit - October 2009</p><p><a href='/News/Sir-Ian-McKellan' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Studio Open</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Welcome to GEOSET Studios</p><p><a href='/News/Studio-Open' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>GEOSET Studios Wins an international Enterprise Video Award</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Education Scholarship & 'My Mediasite' License </p><p><a href='/News/GEOSET-Studios-Wins-an-Enterprise-Video-Award' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p>

Our Mission

GEOSET Studios is the latest addition to the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology initiative. This is an academic service provided free of charge for the entire university community. Our recording studio primarily targets outstanding educators and gives them a chance to showcase their work.


International Partners

GEOSET Studios is part of an international network of participating institutions that create short educational material.


Studio Productions

We have produced a selection of documentaries and shows in Studio 1. This studio can be configured for various productions with sound insulated stage.


About the Studio...




Dirac Science Library, 110 North Woodward Ave
Tallahassee, FL 32306