Starbucks and GEOSET

Starbucks is working in collaboration with GEOSET Studios to offer 1 Free Tall Brewed Coffee* for every 2 presentations recorded at the Studio in Dirac Library.



- The offer would be valid at Starbucks locations around campus.

- A presenter would have to record a minimum of two presentations in the studio before a voucher is given for an offer, unless permitted during a special event or authorized by the Director.

- Presentations made before the start of the offer will not contribute to the required minimum.

- The offer is under the full control of the Starbucks management team and can be withdrawn at any moment.

- GEOSET Studios will promote the Starbucks brand to the university community through communications including email, websites, social media, presentations and events.

- GEOSET Studios will look into additional ways of promoting the collaboration with Starbucks.