Our Mission


GEOSET Studios is the latest addition to the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology initiative. This is an academic service provided free of charge for the entire university community. Our recording studio primarily targets outstanding educators and gives them a chance to showcase their work. Our main objective is to expand on our cache of focused educational concepts created by our global community of teachers, researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate students, high school students, as well as K-12 / primary school children. The main criterion is that presenters are passionate about their material and can convey that passion to a wider audience. We are here to help you produce rich media presentations to bring to life your ideas. If you have always wanted to record a video for work or your hobbies but have never had the time or the equipment, then please visit the studio or contact us by email and together, let's broadcast your inspiration!



Post Studio Completion:

Phase 1

Create the advertising structure for social media sites and engage with press coverage. Confirm
the content partnership with Khan Academy to share videos based on FSU GEOSET content.
Expand the university wide advertising - http://tinyurl.com/geosetad
Reconstruction of the geoset.fsu.edu site to match the functionality and aesthetics of the
geoset.info site.

Expand the GEOSET Awards for 2014 to high schools (Personal donation from Sir Harold Kroto)

Phase 2

Complete a series of live broadcasts based on science to be highlighted by the Lindau Nobel
Laureates association, focusing on creative talent at FSU.
Start work on the GEOSTEAM.info site (with a focus on the arts)Bring in guest speakers from Arts to Sciences starting with Bill Nye.
Establish a committee for overseeing quality control of video content.
Complete the transfer of the GEOSET digital library to html5 format.

Phase 3

Expand the functionality of the geoset.info site to include the uploading of videos from external
Mobile app development for Apple and Android.
Pilot course credit for presentations.

Executive Summary

GEOSET Studios is the result of the expansion of the GEOSET project designed to provide an
Internet gateway to educational material, by connected resources, through academic institutions
around the world. The website geoset.info currently links to over 1000 videos. The core feature
is based on concept modules produced by educators as well as some of our most talented
graduates and undergraduates. GEOSET Studios now opens up the process of recording,
editing and producing to the talents within the university community. We will provide the
framework for recording and give students and employees multiple options to edit and produce
their work.


Impact of This Project on Instruction

We will use our software to help students edit content and always provide assistance with
formatting and uploading.
Our experience has shown that the most effective way to improve upon the use of instructional
technology is to have a variety of learning formats available to make the process of learning
more accessible.


  • All university students and employees now have access to the recording facilities to create presentations and consult on projects for free.
  • The community outreach will continue through a series of Buckyball workshops where we teach basic mathematical concepts before building a model of a Buckyball, which children can keep.
  • We will continue to offer instructional support and training on presentations.

The 'GEOSET Studios' project provides support to facilitate strong student engagement in
academic activities within the remit of the goals specified by the pre-eminent status of FSU. We
will provide a resource of educational material through our websites and consult on individual
projects. The recorded presentations can be uploaded to our gateway site; www.geoset.info and
the FSU site www.geoset.fsu.edu.

We have a list of students that have directly achieved success or recognition from their
GEOSET presentations both at FSU and through our international research institutions.

Prajna Dhar - [Graduate Student] She was one of the first students to be recorded and used her
presentation as part of her CV. She received 4 tenure track offers and the university she
selected said the GEOSET video proved that she could teach.

Kerry Gilmore - [Graduate Student] Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship with his GEOSET
presentation forming part of his application.

Jeffrey Whalen - [Graduate Student] His GEOSET presentation was used in his CV which was
noted as being useful for his application in his current job.

Existing instructional technology in Dirac Library will be used with basic support provided by the
library staff. A computer room is adjacent to the studio which will allow students and employees
to work on their content.

We have started to deliver content for classes in Africa, with Pwani University in Kenya. In
collaboration with the department of oceanography we recorded and provided on-demand
access to the lecture series ISC 2003. We will reconnect with the Office of Distance Learning to
further enhance overseas content delivery.

The upgrade of the server system for Mediasite at the Turnbull Conference Center means we
must now update our Mediasite recorder computer which has been in service since 2005. A new
recorder can then be added to the existing FSU service contract. This mobile computer can be
used to support recordings from campus and external locations.

We successfully presented live broadcasts to science teachers in Florida, for the course CHM
5830: The Nature of Scientific Enquiry with 120+ people enrolled, and now we are designing a
series of Live broadcasts about science topics, as the start of the international live broadcasting
initiative, for GEOSET locations around the world.

In the department of chemistry, The CHM 1045 and CHM 1045L General Chemistry course and
lab can integrate instructional videos for the students for assessment by recording individual
presentations. This will impact 600+ students. CHM 2211L advanced chemistry presentations
will support an additional 300+ students. The recording of GEOSET presentations are an
essential part of the course assessment for students in ISC 2937 for Harry Kroto's class.

The Project Team

The project team consists of Sir Harold Kroto, and Dr. Steve Acquah with a team of student
members including Christina Armhein (Assistant Director), Philip Schlenoff (Communications
manager), Richard Rogers (Chief Technology Officer), and Patricia Martin (Chief Financial

Harold Kroto - Francis Eppes Professor of Chemistry

  • Active in promoting FSU online recordings of students around the world with typically over 50 presentations a year. Highlighting the unique nature of the work at FSU to world leaders and policy makers including former President Bill Clinton, British Member of Parliament David Miliband, and Bill Gates.

Steve Acquah - Associate Research Scholar

  • Rich Media Impact Awards educational material 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Invited talk at the Googleplex - (Google Headquarters) about the GEOSET project
  • Working on the Google Glass project.
  • Worked on the development of carbon nanotube spider silk highlighted by Nature, Sky News Australia, The Guardian Newspaper, Los Angeles Times, New Scientist, Science World Report, and Wired.

Detail from grant proposal .

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