A list of frequently asked questions that may help you. Please check before contacting GEOSET Studios.

  1. Is this for Science Majors only?
  2. What types of presentations can we create?
  3. How long should my presentation be?
  4. Do you provide assistance with generating content?
  5. Are there any restrictions on where I can show my content?
  6. How do I book time to record in the studio?
  7. What are the hours of operation?
  8. What are the GEOSET Awards?
  9. Do you have additional recording facilities?
  10. Why should I even do a presentation?
  11. How should I be dressed to record a presentation?
  12. Can I rent the Cameras or Equipment for Myself?






  1. No. We originally started out with the sciences as part of the Department of Chemistry, but we have expanded to cover all Majors.
  2. We can produce videos in almost all the current video formats as well as dual screen presentations powered by software and and hardware solutions such as Camtasia and Mediasite.
  3. Typically we ask that you prepare a presentation (using PowerPoint for dual screen recordings) that would last between 5 - 7 mins, and that you send us any material you need projected, prompted, or captured ahead of time. There are many things that need to be set up for all this to work, if you send us nothing in advance then you're going to be waiting while we get everything set up for you.

    Actual recording is often very quick (15-20min). Though, you have the option to practice with the prompter and film as many takes as you need to get your presentation right.
    **Even with everything set up ahead of time, it's a good idea to expect some waiting on the equipment here and there. Just remember that most people pay lots of money to use a facility like ours and you're not being charged a dime.

  4. Yes. If you have an idea and are not sure how to proceed, please contact us by email or visit the studio in Dirac Library.
  5. No. Please feel free to distribute your content.
  6. Please use the booking form page or send an email to: geoset@fsu.edu
  7. The operating hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday but exceptions can be made if you have a specific filming request.
  8. The GEOSET Awards are a way for you to get recognition for your presentation. Each year, the GEOSET administration select the best videos in certain categories to win an award.
  9. Yes. We have an additional recording area in the Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL) building.
  10. If you're serious about a career, it's clear to see that GEOSET is giving you the opportunity to promote yourself. Come align yourself with our goals and credibility to show the world that you really care, not just about your own interest, but also the interest of those who lack your opportunities and experience.
  11. Keep in mind that these presentations are for other people to see, if you show up looking like you just got out of the gym - that's the impression you'll give.

    Looking good for a recording is more than just dressing nice. Limitations of the cameras will cause distractions if you are wearing the wrong clothes.

    To make the most of these presentations we ask that you avoid small lines, stripes and complex patterns that would otherwise create a very distracting moiré.

    Shoot for pastel colors and something with a collar, making sure to avoid greens in any shade if you plan on using the green screen technology.

  12. For the moment the answer is no for students (without a GEOSET staff member present) and yes for staff.

    If you want to use equipment outside the studio that's fine, but you need to coordinate with a staff member who has custody over the equipment and time to work with you. Most of our equipment is very sensitive and can be easily be broken by accident. Contact us for further information.


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